Monday, August 23, 2010

the "not-really back to school" back to school

GC goes back to school today.

In some ways, I am sad. I miss my friends and some of the students. I miss the predictability of the days and the schedule. I miss the overall routine. I have to remind myself that what I am doing is a good thing, something that will make a positive difference in my future.

I am happy that I don't have to work in a field where I have some serious philosophical differences about teaching and socializing children. I will enjoy waking up at a more reasonable hour and not having the crazy amount of work to finish on evenings and weekends. I am excited to still be helping others while having a more flexible schedule for awhile. It is nice to have options and I am very lucky to be able to attend school full-time.

I am still on the Cape and will be for the next week and a half. It's rainy and cold today, and I'm planning on ordering my textbooks (outrageously expensive!) and maybe the wedding scrapbook while I have the time.