Friday, January 8, 2010

five senses friday

I love living in a state where an inch of powder warrants a two hour delay. Sleeping in until 7:45 feels amazing!

Time for Five Senses Friday. This is a valuable exercise--I often have my students make this list as a warm-up before class begins. Imagery appeals to all the senses, not just to the sense of sight.


-The sharp, almost startling, smell of cold air

-The rush of heat through the vents and the persistent hum of my computer

-My down comforter, cold feet, and a dull headache

-The strong, burnt taste of rewarmed Peet's coffee

-This waffle maker. Wish I could buy it!

This weekend: Exercise, FAFSA and other financial aid forms, grading, and sleeping.

Update: I bought the waffle iron! I found it for much less on Amazon, with free shipping. Can't wait!